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"Writing From Life ~ The Power of Story"

a writer's workshop

Limited to TEN students per session

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Seven workshops in one!

Writing is a craft that develops with time.

Writing From Life, The Power of Story is designed to help both new and practiced writers draw on their life experiences to re-examine them and share them with family and friends.

This workshop has 7 in-depth lessons, each with examples of the elements of fiction and memoir, written as I presented them in classrooms and at conferences. Each lesson enhances your Power of Story.

LESSON 1: Fiction or Memoir – Which to Choose and Why

LESSON 2: Theme – The Story Premise & Promise (core issue, story direction and fulfilling the promise)

LESSON 3: Settings – Your own Backyard or Your Imaginary World

LESSON 4: Characters and Events – Who’s Who and What They Do

LESSON 5: Point-of-View and Tense – Narrators Here and Now or There and Then

LESSON 6: Plot and Structure – External and Internal Conflict and Narrative Design

LESSON 7: Dialogue – Putting Words in Characters’ Mouths

Wrap-up – Self-editing and Revision

Though I will be interacting with you individually online, you may wish to start a Workshop Group, meeting either in person or virtual via Zoom. Your library may know of others looking for a group. They may let you post a flyer suggesting a group.

Imagine when someone says"we Loved Your Story!"

Think About It . . . Write It Down

Personalized Writing Experience

I will help you find your inner voice and coach you through the struggles of putting it down on paper. All lessons end with Suggestions and Exercises to help you with your own work. They are designed to personalize the lesson content. It’s about you and your stories.


~ You may work on your own schedule and at your own pace.

~ You may send me responses to Suggestions and Exercises, including samples of your writing work.

~ I will reply with comments and a critique of your work. I will coach you through the exercises and writing suggested for each lesson. You write, I coach.

~ In turn, you may give me feedback on the examples, suggestions and exercises I use. Tell me what you found most helpful.

“There are three rules to writing. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.”

~Somerset Maugham

Workshop Takeaways

At the completion of the "Writing From Life" workshop, you will have discovered the power of story through your own writing:

• You will have developed and/or improved your writing skills.

• You will have received coaching and a personal critique to further hone those skills.

• You will have expanded and clarified events in your life.

• You will have created written work to pass along to your family members and/or friends.

• You will have an opportunity to further examine your own family history and patterns.

• Your work may help you sort out old unsettled feelings about your life experiences.

• You will receive a Certificate of Completion that documents your work.

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Limited to TEN students per session ~ save your spot!

Results may vary

What You Will Gain

You will EVOLVE: This workshop will help you believe in your story power.

You may experience healing within relationships:

This workshop may increase your personal awareness and understanding of events you experienced. Prepare to laugh and cry, and to scream at someone or some object. This workshop may shed light on events for other family members.

And before you know it, you'll capture your family's story: This workshop will provide you with stories to leave for your children, who may pass them along through the generations.

Share it with the WORLD:

This workshop may help you write something you can submit for publication.


Writing From Life ~ The Power of Story®


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Intro to Writing and checklist

lesson #1 - Fiction or Memoir



LESSON #2 - Theme


LESSON #3 - Settings


LESSON #4 - Characters and Events


LESSON #5 - Point-of-View and Tense


LESSON #6 - Plot and Structure


LESSON #7 - Dialogue


Wrap-up - Self-editing and Revision


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“Jan Walker is a product of her own first-rate, forthright, hands-on writing course.”

"Her unique experience as a professional educator, publisher and author shows in the ease and skill she has developing a story and coaching her writers. Jan is unfailingly direct, honest and respectful, and her goal is always the same: tell the best story possible the best way it can be told, no matter what or whose it is. The best proof of that can be found in her own books."

Ted OLINGER is the Associate Editor of Key Peninsula News, an award-winning monthly newspaper, author of "The Woodpecker Menace," and many published stories and columns.

"Jan Walker brings a vast skill set to

advance a new or an experienced writer.”

"Jan Walker brings a vast skill set to advance a new or an experienced writer. She is a successful publisher and teacher. Her students come from all walks of life. In her own right, Walker’s writing is powerful, bringing forward beautiful imagery and unforgettable drama to the page. Walker shares generously and kindly her wealth of knowledge in the understanding of archetypes, Jungian psychology, plot and character development.

Jan Walker is a true gift."

- Richard A Heller, Author of Blueprints,

Road Scholar Publishing Group


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